Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oral B 3000

If you are looking to shift from manual toothbrush to a rechargeable one, or simply want to change brands, then Oral B 3000 is worth considering. Without the high price tag (commonly associated with rechargeable toothbrush), Oral B 3000 offers more than the basic features that are specifically dedicated in giving you a cleaner and healthier teeth and gums. Equipped with an advanced cleaning technology, you are sure to enjoy professional cleaning every time you brush.

Features Of Oral B 3000

Oral B 3000 provides a powerful mouth cleaning that is sure to get rid of all your plaques, even those that are in the hard to reach places. It thoroughly cleans in between your teeth and gum line, reducing your chances of having cavities and developing gingivitis. In addition, it comes with rounded brush head that gently pulsates through your teeth and gums, and breaks away plaques to give you a cleaner feel.

For more customized brushing routine, this rechargeable toothbrush offers three brushing modes. Each mode is designed to answer our varying oral needs. For everyday complete mouth cleaning, the Daily Clean mode is recommended. It provides deep cleaning that our mouth needs to ensure that it is kept clean and healthy.

You can switch on the Sensitive mode if you have sensitive teeth and gums as it provides gentle but deep
cleaning. And if you want whiter teeth, you can use the Whitening mode that removes teeth stains to reveal your pearls’ natural colour.

To ensure that your brushing techniques are effective, Oral B 3000 comes with a timer that gives off a sound every thirty second. This alerts you to move to another quadrant to complete the two minute recommended brushing time. Added to that, the toothbrush has a visual pressure indicator that lights up whenever you brush too hard. This is actually a good add-on since it can prevent you from suffering mouth inflammation.

Customer Reviews On Oral B 3000

Oral B 3000 gets two thumbs up from its users. Many noted how it can truly clean their teeth and gums, and give them a healthier mouth. Some even attested that they enjoyed having whiter teeth in just two weeks and healthier gums in a month. They also like that it came with three bushing modes so that they can customize their routine depending on their needs.

People also liked the timer feature since it helps them to keep track of their brushing time. All in all, users are very satisfied with this product.

Oral B 3000 is being retailed for around $75.00.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oral B 1000

Oral B 1000 offers you the basic features of a rechargeable toothbrush in a much cheaper price. So if you are looking to shift from a manual one or is confined within a budget, getting this model is actually a good place to start. Though not as expensive, its features do not come short. It is equipped with the necessary qualities that you would need in a rechargeable toothbrush to clean and improve your teeth and gums’ condition.

Features Of Oral B 1000

Oral B 1000 removes up to two times of plaque than when using a manual toothbrush, helping you achieve a healthier teeth and gums. Its Floss Action technology removes all plaques, even those that are in the hard to reach places. This keeps your teeth and gums clean and free from all plaques, fighting of cavities and gingivitis.

You can choose from the three cleaning modes integrated with this rechargeable toothbrush, depending on your oral needs. For everyday total mouth cleaning, you can use the Daily Cleaning mode. If you want whiter teeth, then go for the Pro White mode. This helps remove teeth stains, revealing your teeth natural colour. If you have sensitive gums and teeth, the Sensitive mode is perfect for you as it provides complete yet gentle mouth cleaning.

Oral B 1000 toothbrush also comes with a pressure sensor. This feature checks the pressure that you are applying when brushing; when you put too much pressure, the toothbrush will automatically stops. This is a very good feature to prevent you from suffering any mouth inflammation. In addition, this device has a built-in timer so that you can keep track of your brushing time, which is the recommended two minutes.

Customer Reviews On Oral B 1000

Oral B 1000, with its simplicity, gets a high recommendation. Not only is it very economical, but it is also very effective. Many attested that after brushing with this toothbrush, they really can feel the freshness and cleanliness of their mouths, as if they have just visited their dentists. Users are very well satisfied with its three cleaning modes. The timer is also very useful in monitoring brushing time, especially when used by children. Overall, users give this product two thumbs up.

You can purchase Oral B 1000 for around $50.00.